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5. September 2019 A much needed multi-orgasm ramble!

A much needed multi-orgasm ramble!

Male – #fap3
[M4F] A much needed multi-orgasm ramble!
[Moans][Man Sounds][Groans] [Whimpers][Slight begging][Ramblefap][Improv][Multiple Orgasms]
Source (© unknown)

It’s a multi orgasm ramblefap from a guy with a cute voice.
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The sound of male moaning makes most of the females out there wet and horny.

Audio porn is one of the most beautiful things in this genre. It forces you to be creative and to think about your own fantasies.

It’s way more realistic than all the porn videos out there. Keep in mind that all those audio porns are recorded by real people and they have real fun recording these. There is no show.

In this category, you will find mostly solo males recording themselves having orgasms, talk dirty or just moan. Listen to these files and have fun while doing so.

Way too many men out there hold themselves back when it comes to making noise during sex and that is frustrating for the partner.

Most of the females like to hear men moan and make some sexy sounds during sex but it happens to rare.

I don’t know the reason why so many men are quiet maybe they’re too shy or they have no idea that they can make sounds too.